Fine Indian Cuisine

The history of Indian cuisine goes all the way back to 3000 BC with the Indus Valley Civilization.  India is one of the most amazing countries in the world with so many religions, culture, languages and cuisines.  The invasion of India by foreign rulers brought significant changes in their life style.  Traditionally, Hindus were considered to be vegetarians.  The arrival of Christianity and Islam brought non vegetarian culinary trends.  Now, virtually every state has its own language, culture as well as cuisine which makes India a delightful experience.

At Moksha we have tried to adapt ourselves to the modern trends in the market.  We have a selection of popular dishes from across the country and have tried to serve classic Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist.  We sincerely hope you relish and cherish the fine dining experience at Moksha.

Your hosts

Binny Philip & Sumeet Bhatnagar.